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Advantages of Lean Six Sigma in the Hospitals

Lean six sigma is a principle that came from Toyota the company that manufacturers vehicles..Toyota was the main brain behind the idea of Lean six sigma and how it can be used. The major proposal of this phenomenal was that companies could reduce their wastage levels to the least level and as a result improve the productivity of such an institution.Toyota has been a perfect case study that lean six sigma can work in manufacturing entities and this has made the company among one of the highest selling vehicle manufacturer. This principle can be implemented to other areas as well such as the medical sector. The main precept of this principle is that decision making should be left in the hands of the employees that interact with the day to day challenges at work. Such people are better placed at making effective decisions because they face them as they are working on a daily basis. According to this principle, safety of the patient should be given priority. View here for more info. According to this, patients are the major business of the hospital and as a result they should be catered for effectively. Application of this principle has gained popularity especially the last decade although it is still underutilized in some areas of the industry for example triage. In terms of the practical bit of it duties should not be burdened on one individual since this is likely to lead to inefficiency in the entire system. A good rating by the sick persons will be granted to the hospital if the queues are moving fast and they are not waiting for so long.

An organization that uses this idea will gain a lot of positive things. One of them is that medical errors will be very minimal. Mistakes will be less since the doctor to patient ratio is favorable. To get more info, click Closely related to this is that the mortality rates will go down significantly, hospitals are there to help ill people who are almost dying and because they will be well served, then the survival rates will be high. The level of patient care will also receive a considerable boost because of the more attention they will receive from the doctors since they are now the backbone of the hospital. At this level, productivity is maximum and the rates will go down so that the hospital becomes competitive compared to others. The very last result of a hospital operating effectively is that it will make more money and this will be reflected in its statements. In finality, a healthcare facility that is a people's favorite will tend to get more business for example through referrals by other individuals that have visited the place in the past. Learn more from

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